Osho Pilgrimage Tour

Madhya Pradesh is Osho’s home state.
Osho lived his first 40 years, almost two-thirds of his life, here in Madhya Pradesh.
His birth, schooling, higher studies, his experiments before enlightenment, his enlightenment, his job as a Professor in philosophy….all happened in Madhya Pradesh.

There are many places here, where the vibes of his presence are still alive and throbbing. To be there and meditate is a blessing for Osho disciples. A spiritual adventure.

Osho’s birth place
At Present Osho’s birth place
Ganj Primary School (Pradhamik Sala) in Gadarwara, It was Osho's first encounter with formal education
Old Shiva temple where Osho meditated.  It was here where Osho spent seven days at age 14 waiting for death
Shiva temple New interior

Osho's favourite place was the Sakkar River in Gadarwara
The maulshree tree, which was a focus point for Osho’s enlightenment event, is still to be seen in Bhanvar Tal
Garden in Jabalpur
Khajuraho temple complexes praised by Osho's Nani and visited by him several times on journeys out of Jabalpur

We organise special tours for groups — both national and international — to visit all these places.

Our one week OSHO PILGRIMAGE TOUR package covers Gadarwara(home town), Kuchwada(birth place), Jabalpur(enlightenment) and Khajuraho.

For further details:
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