Silence Retreat

Osho Moulshree is a precious silent retreat for authentic seekers.
The depth and the silence of the river, here is profound and penetrating.

The Wilderness around creates an ambience of tranquility which enables one to move into silence easily.

The people who live with nature naturally
find a synchronicity between themselves and
the rivers, and the mountains…
They are closer to the earth and its heartbeat.

Narvada River near to osho moulshree
Sacred  Narmada River

Many osho sannyasins usually take time to come down to this place for brief intervals to move into silence. The vast and deep Narmada River flowing adjacent to the place is picturesque.
Yet it is the silent presence of the river which is captivating for meditators.

For individual seekers who intend to go deeper into meditation, we offer 7 days, 11 days, 21 days and 90 days silence retreats, here.
The 7 days and 11 days silence/vipassana retreats are open for all meditators. However, the 21 days and 90 days retreat which is based on Osho’s instructions for complete seclusion is allowed only for mature Osho sannyasins, who already have gone through a longer period of Osho meditations and group therapies.

sitting silently
doing nothing
spring comes
and the grass grows by itself…


The place being in the heart of Madhya Pradesh has a tropical climate. Hence winters very pleasant when the surrounding fields are lush green and soothing..

Mother nature it her very best here with the onset of spring in February every year when all the vegetation ranging from the timing weeds to the huge people tree bloom together.

Away from the city buzz it is a zero pollution area and therefore a perfect “Silence Retreat”